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Deep Cleaning - Nelson Maid: Thorough Cleaning Services in Dallas

Expert Deep Home Cleaning Service in Dallas

Many customers have raved about the thoroughness of our Standard House Cleaning, often likening it to the deep cleans offered by other maid services. Now, imagine our Deep Cleaning service – it's not just good; it's the best in Dallas.

At Nelson Maid, we provide various cleaning services, as outlined on our Standard Cleaning service page. However, we understand that sometimes, a more intensive approach is necessary.

Introducing our Deep Cleaning service, also known as a detail clean. This comprehensive service goes beyond the standard, addressing additional areas and meticulously attending to the entire cleaning process, ensuring your home is left truly spotless. Book Nelson Maid for a deep clean that exceeds expectations!

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How It Works


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We're available every day of the week (including weekends) with cleans beginning as early as 8am.


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We Clean

We rigorously execute on our checklists. Our cleaners are trained to uphold our quality standards.

What is a Deep Home Cleaning Service?

At Nelson Maid, our deep cleaning service surpasses the ordinary, delivering a level of excellence that sets us apart in Dallas. If your home enjoys regular care from a cleaning service (we hope it's us!), deep cleanings are recommended every 8-12 months. For those overdue for a comprehensive clean (beyond a couple of months), it's the perfect time to consider a deep cleaning.

We've been the trusted choice for customers recovering from surgery, providing a helping hand to banish dust bunnies and restore a healthy home environment. Explore our detailed list of deep cleaning services below, tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's conquering a cluttered oven or fridge, organizing pantries, cupboards, or addressing that closet we don't discuss, we've got you covered. Our priority is your satisfaction, from top-tier bathroom cleaning to preventing rapid mildew or mold buildup.

Dallas area Deep cleanings at Nelson Maid go beyond the basics, focusing on a comprehensive clean throughout your home. We then hone in on specific areas that matter most to you—baseboards, behind appliances, and more. Choose us for a deep cleaning experience that goes above and beyond, ensuring your home is not just clean but uniquely refreshed.

Sleeping & Living Areas

Now, let's focus on your living and bedroom areas. While they may not be as prone to humidity as your kitchen or bathroom, they can still accumulate dust, stains, or grime in hard-to-reach spots over time.

In addition to the usual surfaces and furniture, our deep cleaning service delves deeper. We'll tackle everything typically overlooked in your regular cleaning routine, from lampshades, picture frames, and ceiling fans to blinds, window sills, and baseboards.


Kitchen & Eating Areas

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the busiest areas in any home, and it's only natural that it needs a thorough deep cleaning from time to time.

In addition to our standard cleaning routine, our deep cleaning service for kitchens includes meticulously cleaning grease filters, tidying up knick-knack areas, polishing appliances, fixtures, and ceiling fans, wiping down all kitchen furniture and baseboards, and even spot cleaning doors and frames for any pesky fingerprints!



Next up is the bathroom, a space that always demands special attention as it's often a top concern for our customers.

In addition to our standard house cleaning service, we go the extra mile by focusing on details like giving the floors extra care, wiping down the front of cabinets, meticulously cleaning baseboards, individually attending to knick-knacks, and paying special attention to your shower door.


Saves You time

We're not just a cleaning service; we're here to help you live smarter. Reclaim valuable time for what matters most – family, friends, and moments of self-care. Let Nelson Maid transform your home, and in turn, transform your life! 🌟

safety first

Rest assured, your trust is our top priority. We meticulously vet all our cleaners, subjecting them to rigorous background checks and reference verifications. Your safety and satisfaction are non-negotiable for us! 🛡️

the best quality

Our cleaning artists pour their dedication into every job, striving for excellence. Once they've completed their masterpiece, you have the power to provide valuable feedback, helping us maintain our commitment to exceptional service! 

Secure payments

With our online payment system, you can effortlessly settle your maid service charges. Here's the best part – your card is only charged once the cleaning is complete, ensuring your satisfaction.

Preparing Your Home

Deep Dallas House Cleaning

Great choice on taking the leap with at least one cleaning! To book your first maid service appointment, simply click the "Book Now!" button. We won't hassle you to book again unless you want recurring cleanings—it's entirely your call because it's your home.

Specify if you want a general overall cleaning or add extras like interior refrigerator or window cleaning.

On cleaning day, we'll arrive ready to work. If you have high-value items, we'll give them ample space. While we're happy to deal with clutter, it may mean a price adjustment for an above-average job. Your satisfaction is our priority!


Afterward, share your experience through our email feedback system—choose a smiley 🙂, neutral 😐, or frowny 🙁 face and express your thoughts. Your feedback shapes our performance, determining bonuses, raises, and job preferences for our cleaners. Feel free to book another cleaning with us if you'd like. Either way, you'll return to a clean, relaxing home—making us smile at Nelson Maid.


We cover that, too. We’re happy to answer any questions you have to make it the easiest move of your life.

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